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I sing in a couple of local choirs (one sacred, the other more secular). I've put rehearsal versions of some of the songs we sing.


For 18 months I was a househusband, looking after our first daughter, full time. It was very satisfying and rewarding, and I was glad that I had the opportunity to do it. I took an active role in our then local Baby and Toddler group, and NCT branch (though that has since closed down - the nearest one is now in Nuneaton).


I try to be voracious in my reading, but there are a few authors I concentrate on

Listening to music

I try to maintain a catholic taste in music, but seem to spend a lot of time listening to singer-songwriters. These are some of my favourites (in the "if there's a new album out, I will buy it" category):


Many years ago I made a living writing programs, mostly inter-computer communications stuff (SNA, TCP/IP), and mostly in C. 15 years ago I became a househusband for a couple of years. Then, for a while, I wrote workflow systems for Toptech UK (originally Simdell EDMS, a business unit of Systems Team plc) in Coventry. When their South African parent went bust I escaped and started writing SMS systems for part of Logica(CMG), which later became a separate company, Acision. I've now moved from contract work (mostly Shell scripting and Python, but with some C and even Access databases!) to working for, a Dublin-based company.

I my spare time I answer questions on Experts Exchange.

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I'm also a Red Hat Certified System Administrator

Had a recent ghastly holiday at The Cockleshell, Vensac, France. Here are some pictures.

Opera, the fastest and most secure web browser

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Enormous thanks to Tom Dawes-Gamble for hosting me for years!


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